Green Screen Photo Booth

Very special atmosphere on your event

Kunden HappyBlitz Fotobox
Kunden HappyBlitz Fotobox

A virtual trip during your event

Our Green Screen Photobooth will seamlessly transport your guests anywhere and create a very special atmosphere at your event.

Choose from different backgrounds and make a shot. Our green screen technology will take care of your virtual journey.

Additional great features of the green screen photo booth

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Social Media Marketing

Your guests can share photos on Social Media instantly using Social Media buttons  

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Digital Props

Astonish your guests with augmented reality features


Data collection

Your collect e-mails, phone numbers etc. from your guests or clients


 Engage your guests showing photos from the green screen photo booth on a screen 

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Magical Green Screen

Remarkable themes on your images

Stylish design of the green screen photo booth

Green screen photo booth

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Printer for the green screen photo booth

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