Andrey Timushev

Founder & Project Manager

Katerina Timusheva HappyBlitz

Katerina Timusheva

Owner & Project Manager

Nongnang Supharak HappyBlitz

Nongnang Supharak

Marketing & Sales

Jochen Beckmann


David Reubelt

Event attendant

Saba Kvaratskhelia HappyBlitz

Saba Kvaratskhelia

Event attendant

Farnaz Khedri

Event attendant

Florentine Jilg

Event attendant

Robert Elverfeldt

Event attendant

Jennifer Gutfreund

Event attendant

Ole Wolff - Eventbetreuer HappyBlitz

Ole Wolff

Event attendant

Johanna Huck

Event attendant

Out goal

Our goal is to bring the photo booth experience on events in Germany to the next level. Innovative technique would not be enough to achieve this goal.

Our people is our core competence! Highly motivated, engaged and professional event attendants and office team – we look forward to making your event a memorable experience!

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